Editora Cidade Nova wants to contribute through its publications to the promotion and diffusion of a culture of fraternity. It is therefore concerned with highlighting values such as peace, solidarity, justice, respect for diversity, dialogue, tolerance, sharing, dignity and human rights.

The aim is to reach as many people as possible and, through reading, foster the encounter of men and women of all ages, social conditions, religious denominations. This objective is based on the conviction that the human being is called to love and that the history, despite its conflicts and contradictions, travels a path towards a more united world.

Through the magazine and books it publishes, Editora Cidade Nova offers instruments of life and reflection in the various spheres of life, personal, family and social, and deals with various fields of action and knowledge: politics, economics, theology, philosophy, art, environment, education… favoring intercultural and interreligious dialogue.

Its editorial line is rooted in the spiritual values of the human being, being inspired by the Spirituality of the Unity of the Focolare Movement.

Editora Cidade Nova belongs to a network of thirty-six publishers, spread all over the world and has been present in the Portuguese market since 1970.