Our Roots and Inspiration

A Life Dedicated
To Peace And Unity.

Born in 1920, Chiara Lubich dedicated her life to spreading the message of love, fraternity and hope to people of all ages, cultures, and beliefs. Inspired by the famous verse “that they may all be one”, she had a vision for one united humanity. In 1996, Chiara Lubich was awarded the UNESCO Prize for Peace Education.

A Movement Building Bridges At Every Level And Area Of Society.

The Focolare Movement was founded by Chiara to spread the message and works of unity worldwide. The Movement is now present in 22 geographical regions and 182 countries, with over 2 million people involved.

A Platform For Coordinated Global Action And Impact.

As the year 2021 marks the 25th year since Chiara Lubich received the UNESCO peace prize for education, her message and movement has increased in relevance and importance. Covid19 has aggravated the divisions of our world so Nuova Global Initiative was launched to ensure focused efforts on building global peace and unity. The project for peace education needs a dose of innovation and consistent efforts to achieve impact, so this is our goal.