Nuova Global Foundation Officially Constituted

Jan 11, 2023 | Press Release

[Madrid, Spain] January 9, 2023 – The Nuova Global Foundation has been legally constituted on 9th January 2023 in Madrid, Spain.

The official constitution marks an important milestone for the Nuova Global Project that started in 2020 with a mission ‘to promote and support peace-building through facilitating dialogue and nurturing mutual trust, understanding and acceptance within the global community’.

Present for the signing ceremony were Federico Vescovini, Fausta Giardina, Carlos Mana, Dori Rodríguez and Juan Badía, the founders and first patrons of the Foundation.

In the photo, from left: Dori Rodríguez, Carlos Mana, Federico Vescovini, Dr Nuñez Boluda (holding the deed of incorporation just signed by all), Fausta Giardina and Juan Badía.

Since its inception the Nuova Global Project has organized the Unity Conference, a global conference held in Rome, in 2021 and launched the Unity Mark, a global media award, in 2022.

The chairman of the newly established foundation, Federico Vescovini, shared: “This act concludes the process for the formal and legal establishment of NGF.

With renewed enthusiasm we continue with the activities and initiatives specific to the purpose of our Foundation. 

Now, more than ever, we feel the need to arouse, promote and nurture collaborations and projects that develop journalism and social communication aimed at dialogue, peace, the service of man, of the community, of a world that breathes responsibility for the common good that includes everything and everyone.”

Starting this year, with the official incorporation, the Foundation seeks to expand its projects, its affiliate network and work with more partners to shape a world of unity through media. 

About Nuova Global Foundation

The Nuova Global Foundation (NGF) is a global non-profit organization that serves as a platform for unity, inclusive dialogue, and action towards the common good.

NGF believes in supporting the development of media organizations and journalistic projects that highlight global challenges and solutions for the common good and humane global development.

NGF is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and supports a growing global affiliate network across 5 continents, and has operations in 42 countries, working collectively to pave ideas and solutions for inclusive and sustainable growth of our global society.


Press Contact:

Stanislav Lencz