New Global Awards Launched to Recognise Media and Communications For a United World

Oct 6, 2022 | Press Release

Madrid, September 5, 2022 – The Unity Mark Awards has been launched by the Nuova Global Foundation to honour and generate public recognition for organisations and individuals for their positive contributions toward influencing a more united global society. 

The UnityMark Awards seeks to recognise and connect enterprises, media companies, non-profit organisations, and individuals who produce content that helps to bring about understanding, bridge differences and even foster reconciliation, and do so in a professional, creative and highly incisive manner.

A global judging panel of 14 members from Europe, Americas, Asia and Africa shall evaluate and award the Unity Mark. This shall be awarded to individuals, non-profit organisations, media companies and enterprises who have created either public awareness campaigns, online or print content and/or newsletters, videos or podcasts, video games, apps and interactive challenges that positively impact a better and more united world in their localities or regions.

Through the unity mark Nuova Global Foundation hopes to inspire a global movement of companies, organisations and individuals who promote a united world through content and media. 

“I am thrilled that since the early stages of the preparation of this award, we have been assisting it in creating a network of goodwill among so many and so different ones: individuals, founders, leaders, creative minds and communiticators, thought leaders and people of influence. People with visions in their hearts want to get together and support this kind of program. We can’t wish for more!” said Federico Vescovini, Chairman of the Nuova Global Foundation.

Nuova Global Foundation, whose purpose is to advance a united world through media, is the organiser of the award. The fees and revenue from it will be used to set up small media teams and journalism projects that foster a better, inclusive and united world in the Americas, Europe and Asia. Funding for these types of media is in short supply and this initiative seeks to bridge that gap.

About Nuova Global Foundation 

The Nuova Global Foundation (NGF) is a global non-profit organisation that serves as a platform for unity, inclusive dialogue and action toward the common good.

NGF believes in supporting the development of media organisations and journalistic projects that surface global challenges and solutions for the common good and towards humane global development.

NGF is headquartered in Madrid, Spain and supports a growing global affiliate network across 5 continents and has operations in 42 countries, working collectively to pave ideas and solutions for inclusive and sustainable growth of our global society.


Press Contact: 

Stanislav Lencz

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