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What is the Nuova Global Foundation?

Nuova Global Foundation has been launched to support the development of media organizations and journalistic projects that share ideas and solutions for the common good and towards building a more united global society.

Through the Nuova Global Foundation, global projects and fundraising will be coordinated and evaluated to ensure that the impact of these projects are tracked and that funds are channeled towards projects that are generating a tangible impact on our communities and global society.

What is needed?

The Nuova Global Foundation aims to raise USD 1 million to support our 21 affiliates through new project initiatives that all strive towards shaping a more united world.

How will funds raised be used and managed?

The funds raised will be used towards supporting impact projects. Funds raised will not go towards supporting upkeep or operational costs but will instead be given out in the form of grants for impact projects.

A Global Board of Directors, composed of leaders of influence from fields of business, politics, education and religion, has been established to govern over the objectives and goals of the initiative and will govern over the use of funds raised through the approval of grants for impact projects.

Three pilot projects have already been initiated this year:


    • UNITY Conference is the visible outburst of Nuova Global as a think-tank of its kind supporting the development of media organisations and journalistic projects, with the aim to surface global challenges and solutions for the common good and towards humane global development.
      As such, it shapes the narrative of Nuova Global to influence partners and stakeholders and present in a tangible way the purpose of Nuova Global which is to impact the united world.
    • UNITY Mark Awards seeks to recognise and connect enterprises, media companies, non-profit organisations, or individuals who produce content that helps to bring about understanding, bridge differences and even foster reconciliation. 
    • The Journalism for a United World Lab is a workshop for young people seeking to be journalists to provide factual information and build understanding in a divided world. Its objectives are to attract young collaborators for partner organizations, to position NGF as an influential player in contributing to “solutions journalism”, and to connect with universities, journalists’ associations, communication partner organizations and renowned journalists.


Why support the Nuova Global Foundation?

Over the past 60 years, our affiliates have stayed committed to their communitarian approach of engaging deeply with their communities and keeping subscription rates low towards ensuring accessibility of ideas.

Your support helps ensure that our affiliates can continue to provide accessible content whilst enabling them to continue to spread journalism for unity and to share stories of hope around the world.

Besides the online payment, how else can I support the Nuova Global Foundation?

Besides using the payment portal on this page, you can still do it in two other ways:

1. Donate by bank transfer

Payable to:


IBAN ES26 2100 5000 5902 0032 4012



Please indicate how you wish contributions to be used as follows:

Please make sure to indicate the scope of your donation by writing into the notes section of the transfer “DONATION – [Name of the supported project]”:

    • UNITY Conference
    • UNITY Mark Awards
    • Journalism for a United World Lab

Or, if you have no preference:

    • Nuova Global Foundation

2. Make out a crossed cheque

Payable to: 


with your particulars filled in (so that we can acknowledge your contribution) and post it to us in an envelope. Our address is: 

Calle Poniente n. 28, C.P. 28290, Las Matas, Las Rozas de Madrid, Spain


Get in touch with us

If you have additional questions or would like to discuss other methods of supporting or working with the Nuova Global Foundation, please contact us at