The Unity Mark Award

About the mark


We believe in shaping communication and media content that is objective and builds the common space for positive growth, one that is responsible and not simply driven by commercial interests.

This award seeks to recognise and connect enterprise, media company, non-profit organisation, or individual who produces content that helps to bring about understanding, bridge differences and even foster reconciliation.

Faithful to its goals, Nuova Global Foundation as the organiser of the award will use the fees and revenues collected to support the development of media organisations and journalistic projects aiming for the common good and toward a global humane development.




This award shall prize enterprises, media companies, non-profit organisations, or individuals who have created either campaigns, online and print content or newsletters that positively impact a united world in their localities or regions.

They deserve and we want them to be known, heard and appreciated, amplifying in this way even more not only their impact, but the synergy of a network of communicators and media actors for good.

We are searching for companies, organisations and individuals that are making constant efforts to create and spread content that inspires and promotes unity, reconciliation and dialogue.

Benefits of the award

Build New Bridges in Unity

Present their media and communication content that promotes unity, reconciliation and dialogue.

Opportunity to Inspire Others

Showcase exemplary communication ethos
and inspire current and future generations.

Connect with Our Global Network

Leverage and enter the global network of Nuova Global and its affiliates and partners to heighten value in local and global creative value-driven communication.

Achieve a Higher Benchmark

Receive exclusive evaluation and feedback by internationally renowned media and communication practitioners.

Entries which fulfil the criteria for the UNITY Mark may use the logo on their products, stationery and marketing collateral.
Winning projects will be displayed on the Nuova Global website, yearbook and UNITY Conference.

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