Volunteer as a Nuova Global Contributor

At Nuova Global, our purpose is to shape a world of Unity and Peace through presenting instruments, ideas, and scientific insights for leaders that promote the common good. We are constantly looking for contributors and assistant editors who share our beliefs to contribute, manage and solicit content for Nuova Global publications.

Who we’re looking for:
We are looking for volunteer Contributors who believe in promoting the common good through presenting ideas on unity and peace in economics, politics, religion, and education. Themes include (but are not limited to): Data, Personalities, Design, Culture, Technology, and Planet.

What you’ll be doing:
As a contributor, your role involves:

  • Producing informative and compelling pieces on the issues of our day


  • Producing short-form/ long-form editorial pieces
  • Research, collate and synthesise scientific content aligned with Nuova Global’s purpose
  • Enhance public understanding of the issue at hand by breaking down complex topics into prose free of obscure acronyms and jargon

Who you are:

  • Strong professional background in relevant field

The opportunity:

  • Learn and write about the global issues you care about the most
  • Become a global reference point and build a reputation as a thought leader
    Strengthen your online portfolio on a reputable platform for a good cause


  • Have your work circulate via our website, social media platforms and newsletters
  • Become a member of a worldwide community of writers and editors who believe in building global unity through media


Interest in joining our Editorial team? Send us your CV to info@nuovaglobal.org.