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With broad on-the-ground expertise and deep understanding of the regional contexts, our network is able to get to the root of problems and pave ideas and solutions for inclusive and sustainable growth of our global society.




Dr Mabel Aghadiuno

New City Africa


Nigeria, Cameroon, Sierra Leone


New City Africa is a regional magazine seeking to be efficient in fulfilling the four ‘local’ goals and a fifth ‘global’ one:

Be an attractive and effective tool of communication and “inform, educate and entertain” all Focolare members and interested parties in our English-speaking region of Africa

Communicate with contemporary society from our viewpoint of the Gospel’s words “that all may be one” (Jn 17:21)

Form, enable, consolidate and educate a team of both young and established journalists and writers in this country and region who can contribute with their writing and mediatic initiatives to a more solidal, inclusive and fraternal society

Act in ever-increasing integration with the French-speaking “Nouvelle Cité” teams in the region and on a Pan-African level

Be an active and contributing part of the Nuova Global project.

Michel Kouassi

Nouvelle Cité Afrique
Edition Afrique De L’ouest


Ivory Coast, Burkina Faso,
Mali, Senegal, Togo, Benin


A small magazine created to connect the people of the Focolare movement scattered in 15 countries of West Africa. It gives news of the activities and life of the Focolare communities in the region with testimonies and spiritual insights.

It also deals with issues of general interest, giving a vision from the perspective of the united world.

Michel Kouassi

Nouvelle Cité Afrique Centrale


Cameroon, Gabon,
Central African Republic, Chad


Periodic of Reflections, testimonies and thematic insights.
For the Focolare Movement, at the service of those who wish to live and work for fraternity in the sub-region, in the heart of Africa.