Inclusive Economy Perspectives – The Case for Inclusion


The Inclusive Economy Perspectives is an initiative from Nuova Global Foundation which represents a global network of media houses that believes in shaping a united world through the media.
This initiative seeks to inspire and encourage governments, businesses and individuals to collaborate towards reducing social and economic inequalities in an increasingly divided world, by leveraging media and journalism to educate, inspire and empower enterprises globally to adopt an inclusive and sustainable model for economic growth.

By buying it, you allow Nuova Global Foundation to use the collected funds to support the development of media organisations and journalistic projects aiming for the common good and towards global humane development.

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In the following pages, we highlight global stories of innovation, service, and determination. They reflect the power that comes from both individuals and their community to effect change where policy, rhetoric, and perhaps even money cannot. They are:
A street kid who grew up determined to make sure others did not have to suffer as he did.
A young college graduate who devised a business to help former convicts get their lives, and families, back on track.
A businesswoman who created a network to support women entrepreneurs in Africa, giving them what they needed to step away from being defined by the men in their lives.
A woman who helped another regain control of her life, then ended up helping a whole community of women feed their families.
Neighbours who banded together after devastation by unprecedented floods.
A corporate highflyer who could have continued to enjoy the profits from fossil fuels, but is pushing to change how the economy is powered.

The stories have been gathered by the Nuova Global Network globally for this inaugural Perspectives on an Inclusive Economy, focused on three issues central to humanity: poverty alleviation, women empowerment, and climate change.
But, these are just a taster of what is possible for a global network of people, who share the common goal of a new, truly inclusive economy, to achieve.


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