Strengthen the impact of the “New City” and reach opinion leaders

Launched by the Focolare Movement, the Nuova Global initiative aims to support the “New City” network (21 media in 42 countries) and to build a global network of leaders to shape a united world. Presentation by Stanislav Lencz, Chairman of Consulus Global Network, who is leading the project.

NEW CITY: What is the purpose of the Nuova Global initiative?

Stanislav LENCZ: It is a way of updating the mission given by Chiara Lubich in 1959 to the New City magazines and publishers: “[The New City] want to be a path to fraternity, a tool for dialogue at all levels. They want to create a public opinion and be at the disposal of those who, in one way or another, share the ideals of peace, justice, freedom and truth. They are leaven, salt and light.”
The project has three objectives: to build tools for dialogue, to defend the components of unity, and above all, to act to meet global needs.


N. C.: How do we achieve this goal?

S. L.: Planned over five years, the project has four aspects: strengthening the New City locally, building a global network, launching a new media platform for global leaders and creating a global foundation.

Each New City was born out of a particular community of Movement members and friends, and each has created unique networks. This is an incredible legacy of dedication, testimony, life, impact and experience that can never be lost. A global media platform will be launched to support leaders in business, politics, education, religion and civil society with actionable solutions for a more united world. Leaders who want to act for inclusion and economic sustainability, and who want to observe the values of peace, brotherhood, responsibility, human dignity need a space to meet and connect with others like themselves, a place to find inspiration and ideas towards new solutions to today’s global and local challenges.

Finally, the creation of a global foundation aims to raise funds for the development of the media, enabling them to attract and pay talented professionals.


N. C.: How can I, as an individual, an institution or an entrepreneur, join this project?

S. L.: By supporting Nouvelle Cité at the local level! Financially, by volunteering, by networking, by contributing themes and topics. Each New City is only as strong as its community of supporters and contributors.

Secondly, by supporting the Nuova Global initiative, connecting it with personalities, opinion leaders who share its goals, helping it raise funds for its cause, supporting our activities and pilot projects: Inclusive Economy and Innovative Africa.

We are particularly open to the contribution and commitment of young people. We are also looking for private and institutional donors who share our convictions. We are also looking for partner organizations among NGOs and institutions working in the fields covered by our fields of action. Let’s not be afraid to take risks while remaining faithful to the Ideal of fraternity carried by the Focolare communities.


To follow Nuova Global’s projects:

Interview by Émilie TEVANE

Stanislav Lencz serves as the global director of Nuova Global Initiative with a solid mission to promote and support peace-building through facilitating dialogue and nurturing mutual trust, understanding and acceptance within the global community.

Stanislav Lencz

Global Director of Nuova Global Initiative

As a journalist and editor by profession, Émilie Tevane has been the editor-in-chief of the magazine for almost 10 years. She has participated in the launch of new formulas, led editorial conferences, planned the release of issues, coordinated the work of service providers, commissioned articles, produced reports, written articles and editorials. In addition, she trained in narrative writing techniques to strengthen the publishing division of Nouvelle Cité by accompanying authors and evaluating manuscripts.

Émilie Tevane

Editor-in-chief of the Nouvelle Cité (France)

“This is an incredible legacy of dedication, testimony, life, impact and experience that can never be lost.”

-Stanislav Lencz, Global Director of Nuova Global Initiative