Unity Mark Logo

The Unity Mark seeks to recognise and connect enterprise, media company, non-profit organization, or individual who produces content that helps to bring about understanding, bridge differences and even foster reconciliation.

Its logo, therefore, symbolizes that the recipient of the Mark has a comprehensive understanding of this factor and has exemplified it through their work ethos and projects.

Unity Mark may only be used by participants who have successfully qualified after the second tier of screening (i.e. have been shortlisted and then voted winners by the jury or in the public voting) and adhered to the guidelines for its usage. Winners can submit an application to the Organizer to use the logo on their website, goods, marketing collateral, etc. Additionally, they may also purchase additional promotional products (i.e. trophies, certificates, etc.)

Unity Mark is a trademark and event held by its organizer, Nuova Global Foundation (NGF).

Usage Guide

Rights of Usage

The logo with the winning year can be used for the duration of the life cycle of the awarded project. All representatives associated with the award winners (i.e. sales and marketing agencies, media partners) and other third parties may only apply to use Unity Mark as the official representatives of the award winners and with their explicit consent. In this instance, the Permission for Unity Mark Usage certificate will be issued directly to the award winners and no further application procedures will be necessary. Consultation with the organizer is advised in cases where:

– A distributor or sales agent not affiliated with the award winner (or its representatives as described above) wishes to use the Mark as part of its sales and marketing campaign.

– A media organization not affiliated with the award winner (or its representatives as described above) wishes to use the logo in a description of an award-winning product.

Modifications of Awarded Project

In the instance that modifications have been applied to the project awarded with the Mark, including altered or enhanced communication content and intent, the award winner must submit an Alteration Report to the organizer. The organizer and then-presiding Evaluation Committee will then deliberate the extent of the modifications made (i.e. if the changes made conflict with the prior evaluation) and advise the winner of their decision to approve or reject the continued usage of Unity Mark for that specified project.

Click here to download the Modifications Form

Report on Mark Usage Status

The organizer may request the winner and related parties using Unity Mark to file a report on the status of its usage. You may contact us at unitymark@nuovaglobal.org.

Click here to download Logo Guideline.